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New to the NFT world and don’t know where to start? The first step is creating a digital wallet! Here is your how-to-guide on getting started with a Metamask Wallet!
Introducing the Global Leaders Collective team! Global Leaders Collective is an innovative NFT project launch company collaborating with artists, celebrities and companies to design and create your NFT drops! Our current NFT project is Kobe Forever NFT, stay tuned for more details!
A read about the process of true Healing - by A Course In Miracles
Take a look at the Paolo Sebastian Couture Spring 2021 Collection: PERSEPHONE
An artwork dialogue by motion artist @mrjonkane on ‘Pterodactyl’.
Interviewing Steve Cannon, the pope of Art, NYC 2017    #nyc #art #docmentry
BIO of Motion Artist @mrjonkane - crafting timeless works of magical realism via lens, light and raw data.
My stay at the Current Hotel in Tampa Bay Florida
A step-by-step guide to purchasing/collecting NFTs.
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