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Parker Schmidt

Last minute photoshoot meets the final light of Tamarindo, Costa Rica 🇨🇷🌾
My first film roll with my latest point and shoot side arm 📸
Simple collection of a lap around the pond in The Netherlands.
Routing south bound in Portugal via vintage VW camper 🚌
Porsche production day behind the scenes captured on the Leica M5.
A motion + still framed series captured on the Leica Q2 in the midst of another precious Ericeira sunset.
An analog scene by scene from the southern tip of Portugal.
A dream came true of having an open range day with the Porsche Spyder.
Rallying in the Netherlands along side the iconic Dutch Downhill Divison for an action packed weekend of lattes and skateboarding ☕️🛹
You don't always have to keep up with the times. Chris Haunold, for example, bought an 911Turbo just at the time when everyone was (for a good reason) raving about the PDK. A ride - and a conversation about how Chris came to Porsche.
The Sheats-Goldstein Residence of LA.

A photo catalog and intro summary of this one of a kind estate and mention of its personal significance to me.
This past winter I had the opportunity to sit down with North West Porsche enthusiast, Nathan Rowland. Being stationed on a US Army base in Germany, Rowland had the chance to drive his beloved 911 Carrera among the countries endless pinning countryside and broadside highways. 
Discover more about Nathan’s story and how he was able to cling on to his go-to vehicle even after returning to the states.
A photo capsule of my first Iceland winter travel route 🧭
An original Quincee Lark oil work interpretation of SportClasse’s 1973 Porsche 911 Carerra RS 2.7
A healthy curation of blissful scenes that we can all relate to and yet don’t get enough of.
The Ericeria Lapoint Surf camp has become a synonym with flawless white peak surf breaks and idealistic sunrise lit smoothie bowls. Welcome by groms, yogis and seasoned surf veterans, Lapoint Camps hosts a life changing experience for each of it’s radical guests.
Undefined with its intentions; an interior statement piece or functional natural resource. Whatever it may be, let it always be beautiful.
Professional surfer, global competition contender and serial entrepreneur Marlon Lipke. A finely tuned jack of all trades when it comes to what means most to him: community, purpose driven action and the environment.

Story produced by Rosanne Steeneken and myself
Bleach white, welcoming, snow.

A curation of personal influences and visual pleasures.
Behind the scene snippets from the perspective of a videographer covering the Lecia hosted pop-up studio at Berlinale Film Festival. 

Full video courtesy of Leica Cameras coming soon.
Found between the rocky shores of the Algarve Coast and the monstrous waves of Nazaré shore break is the Lisbon born and globally recognized Porsche library, Sportclasse.
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