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Lisbon’s Porsche Liberator

Found between the rocky shores of the Algarve Coast and the monstrous waves of Nazaré shore break is the Lisbon born and globally recognized Porsche library, Sportclasse. By embracing a family’s dedication to their passion for automobiles, a crossroads is discovered between family heritage and the rich energy of Lisbon where these values have been evolving for over 30 years.

The rusty to restored process of the Sportclasse facility. Among the countless racing titles and automotive achievements decorating this classic Porsche garage, Sportclasse carries a large influence among the tightly knit Porsche community.

Words from Rosanne Steeneken

"This Lisbon sprouted garage is an experience on itself. The hardworking crew at Sportclasse welcomed us with open arms and showed how its done with Portugal’s top automotive craftsmen. With all the history hanged, stood and driven, this garage is a must see for every Porsche lover. Thank you to Andre Nunes for the support and letting us see your family treasures!"

Words from Parker Schmidt

"The Lisbon founded classic vehicle library, Sportclasse is a wall to wall, chassis filled candy store for any car enthusiasts who has a particular liking for any form or model of Porsche. Among the countless historic racing titles dating back more than 30 years, the intricate attention to detail the Sportclasse family tends to with each scrap to gem restoration has been a clear evolution of their personal craft turned artistry over the decades.”

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