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"Surfing is a passion that's tightly entangled through my families' DNA. For myself, the sport of surfing wasn't what particularly drew me in, but it was the time spent en route to the shore, rallying through the jungles of Tamarindo, Costa Rica, by dirt bike that gave me the drive and new energy."

- @forrestminchinton

Forrest Minchinton was taught the trade of shaping, glassing, and coloring surfboards by his father and hall of fame shaper, Mike Minchinton. In turn, who had been shown the most traditional way of board shaping by surf legend Robert August (some might know this name from the iconic surf film, "The Endless Summer").

Forrest had the opportunity to be an apprentice and shop hand to his father and August to make an extra buck to keep his dirt bike running.

"It quickly became for me to put bikes before surfing. When I was younger, cleaning up the shop and helping my dad shape was a labor of love, something I endlessly cared for, but in reality, the work fueled my true passion for bikes."

  • While Forrest split his time between Costa Rica and California, he had found himself more in the dunes and backcountry than the shore. Come 2019, Forrest had taken on the Baja 9000, a non-stop, south of the border offroad battle from California to Mexico and back. Adding an extra element to this endeavor, Forrest had decided to direct a feature film of his experience throughout the entire race–– expected release in 2021.
  • While hopping around the world, dirt bike touring in South Africa, and surfing in Japan, Forrest continued to make extra money with his board shaping side passion.

    In these more recent years, shaping had shined a new light on him as it provided him the opportunity to meet new faces and bring the joy of surfing to those worldwide.

    Forrest has found his home base in the local infused surf town of Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. He's made his mark among the local scene by establishing a surf hotel and shaping space known as "House of Somos." His strong-based value system has shaped his traditional business, emphasizing the respect of surf traditions while always on the hunt for what's next–– preferably getting there on two wheels.

    Words by @parkerschmidt

    Photos by @giuligartner + @parkerschmidt

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