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Messy buns for breakfast

The best part about messy buns (apart from the fact that they're crazy easy to achieve)? They suit everyone. 'Iconic hair has to be wearable for the masses - it should appeal to every woman, that's why the messy bun is so great because everyone can wear it, it doesn't look bad on anyone

Creating the perfect makeup look to compliment your greenery

The stylist recommends deciphering the tone of your hair colour prior to picking out makeup shades. She states ‘if your hair is a warm green containing yellow tones use a pink lipstick and if your hair is a cooler green with blue toned go for a deeper red lipstick”.

When choosing an eyeshadow never use a blue or green as this will clash with the tones of your hair.

She adds “it is important to always chose complimentary shades”

Going green for good look

Do you long for luscious locks?Do you feel like your hair won’t grow past a certain length, no matter what you do?

The fact of the matter is that the cycle of hair growth is predictable at the best of times and unforgiving at the worst. It is largely a combination of genetic, dietary and hormonal factors that determines the length of your hair and there may not much you can do to change it.

Unless, of course, you learn the secret to growing strong, healthy hair.

You are what you eat, as the saying goes. And while that may not literally be true, your diet has a significant impact on all aspects of your health—including your hair health.

If you want to strengthen your hair and maximize its growth, you’ll need to take a closer look at your diet. Let’s explore the hair growth cycle and the anatomy of your hair to better understand what nutrients are most important in a healthy hair diet.

How to create the perfect curls

Using leeks is the new celebrity hair trend as fashion icon and model lola leeks demonstrates backstage before a show

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