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Rosanne Steeneken

@911_hermes brought his car out to Amsterdam 📸
A tribute to Luna Menguante
A quickly in France! 📸
A small series featuring Emma van der Berg. Shot at home
Dutch Rovers the all time favorite for high north
A morning photo series of my boyfriends garden house
What some months of love can bring us <3
My friend finally meeting my creative partner + look back on the weekend
“You gotta live a little”
Wallpaper time! Let me know if you like mags like this! If you do use of on these I would to see them. - @squaresbyrose
A hike on Grand Ballon with the beloved boyfriend. We took the Boxster out for a deduster
During the lockdown I rediscovered the towns serounding our neighborhood (safely) One of them was this lake. Highly recommends when you visit this part of France.
Professional Roxy Surfer and global LaPoint Camps Ambassador Emilie Uttrup speaks on behalf of her perspective on today's evolving surf community and female representation among the sport.
A lookbook I shot for a young entrepreneur from Amsterdam but born in Rwanda. He created brand with a beautiful goal to offer eco friendly wooden timepieces that are handmade with love and craftsmanship. These pieces will help make the world a little better.
Photography tips ⚡️
This time with jewelry brand Haraves of London
I see a lot more in these foggy times.
I over do snap shots on my iPhone 8+ while I own a DSLR so to get rid of the guild I like to art show some shots that make me feel like it’s okay.
A closer look to my favorite bag. The CIA PRO Douchebag
Our final sunset in Venice California. As a European stuck in the USA I’m very lucky to have friends like him out here
A quick mood mag about March 12th 2020
The world of downhills skateboarding in Los Angeles.
Come on a cruise with me through the heart of Venice. 
Let’s be that person who takes photos of cars with their phone 😅
I’m in LA for the month so I took advantage of shooting my skateboarding friend
The homecoming of the Porsche935 🏎  We where lucky enough to shoot this legendary car on his way back into the garage. Breathtaking experience

📍 Sportclasse, Lisbon

Photos: Rosanne Steeneken
Production: @parkerschmidt
“The previous owner of the little house left quite a few items. It’s like entering a time machine”
A mood mag that gives my unstoppable desires to capture everything pleasing into something swipeable 🕹
Classic Car Remise
🎞 iPhone 8+ 
The hideaway for every car enthusiast. A photo story inside. Enjoy!
For me this is the car where elegance meets brutal power. I’ve recently become a fan of this silky white tone which I believe especially compliments this car. It catches light in beautiful and playful way 🏁
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