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Our CEO Lee Richter

We would like to introduce you to our CEO and Mastermind Lee Richter! Lee is an award-winning business innovator and visionary. Lee is the CEO of multiple companies and a mentor to Superheroes. She believes in the power of connection and is a powerhouse female entrepreneur and educator. Lee is a pioneer in the Crypto and NFT world and she is ready to take it by storm!

Ian Abugayda

After years of working directly with the CEO of the Global Leaders Collective, Ian grew into the blockchain world and crypto space by adding value and creativity to multiple brands.

He dedicates his time as the Digital Creative Director for GLC helping to create and oversee NFT and marketing initiatives.

Ian sees the blockchain as an industry disruptor changing the business and financial landscape as we know it.

He believes NFTs are a way of the future.

He now spends most of his time focused on the crypto world, training for his upcoming athletic events, or playing with his new puppy.

Vanessa Probert

Vanessa Probert is a Team Leader for Global Leaders Collective and the Social Media Manager as well as Assistant for Lee Richter.

She is pursuing an Associate’s Degree in Creative Media and is also learning everything she can about the Crypto and NFT world.

Vanessa moved to Maui, Hi from California in December of 2020 and started her business The Britt Project in 2021 in memory of her sister who passed away in 2019. Her hobbies include dancing, hiking, spending time at the beach and being a mom to her 2 boys.

  • Michelle Berkley

  • Michelle Berkley is the Finance Administrator for all of Lee’s brands. She keeps the dollars (and coins) in order.

    Michelle’s Top 3 Personal Values:

    Trust, Be yourself, Fun

    Fun facts about Michelle:

    She went to elementary school with the grandson of the creator of Winnie the Pooh, Her family was personally invited by a member of President Obama’s team to meet him at a private meet and greet at SFO, and she is a self-proclaimed foodie. Michelle’s Hobbies include camping and gardening.

    Riyel Manero

    Riyel Manero is the Title Operations and Tech support for the Kobe Forever NFT campaign. With a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, he specializes in everything Tech related and is an avid follower of Cryptocurreny and NFT.

    Benjamin Grauer

    Benjamin Grauer is the Mastermind and CEO behind Whonose Collective. The NFT Arts Company has rapidly risen to being an authority in the space, through visionary ideas implementations, and a masterful appraisal of the synergies that can be created between the existing technologies in the blockchain universe, and the Arts world.

    After 6 years in London as a Graduate Audio Producer, Label Art Director and Event Manager, the NFT space is the new promised land for the French Nomad Global Leader, and we’re honoured to have him as our Lead Creative and Strategist behind the Kobe Forever NFT Campaign.

    Robert Baëk

    Robert Baëk, also known as B. Creative is a visual strategist, original content creator, entertainment marketer, and social media strategist. Robert has led multiple teams in winning highly sought after awards across all design, branding, manufacturing new technology and marketing categories over multiple platforms. His clients have included industry transformers like: RCA, Redbull, Apple, Armada Music, Ole Henriksen, Old Navy, Paramount, Faircraft, Sephora, Sony Pictures, and LyricHouse. Robert’s artistic passion ignites when creating, designing and branding movie posters, campaigns, music videos, feature films and monumental projects, and most recently, NFTs.

    “I’m so excited to see what’s to come with all the emerging NFT platforms for creatives -by creatives. It’s truly a moment in time we get to experience true community building and inner self development before our eyes. With the surge in NFT communities, we’re witnessing the birth of a new creative renaissance era right before our eyes (and you can “b” part of it too). We are experiencing an epic “shift” in all major industries to help create a better place for all to thrive and finally “live” versus just mostly surviving.”

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