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A Blank Canvas

This home features an open concept layout. The owner loves a clean and contemporary design with a touch of traditional. Are you ready to see how we transform this space?

Warming Up The Space

We always start with our rugs! This rug from India was the perfect way to bring in definition to the room, bring in a little warmth, and bring in a touch of traditional.

We designed this room around the colors of the rug. We loved the subtle warm tones and the different shades of blues and grays for the space. We kept in mind the colorful living room and the accents we were going to use in the foyer entrance. This helps the entire space feel separate, but cohesive.

The Large Pieces

This room is super long and super tall. We picked some big furniture to fill up the space, but still wanted it to feel airy. The large buffet is a little over 4.5ft tall and is a traditional piece with so much details. We will be adding a little bit of a modern touch to the piece up next.

The modern chairs help with the airy feel and the gold accents play off the chandelier and some of the pieces in the foyer.

We also love bringing in all of the pieces for the room into the space. Usually we bring in several options for accessories, pillows, art, arrangements, and having them in the space helps see which ones will bring the space to life.

Bringing It Together

The table we chose for the space is traditional and modern with a gold accent. We love playing with heights in the room, especially when there’s a super tall piece involved. In this case we pulled from the rug to provide an accent with the taller end chairs. These are also in a crushed velvet fabric to add some texture to the room.

If you look closely, we also added a little more color by pulling those dark tones from the rug via lumbar pillows in each end chair. Don’t they make the space feel a little more cozy?

The long table and tall ceilings called for a substantial center piece. We tied in a little antique bronzed vase with lots of orchids to bring both traditional and freshness into the spave

The buffet got a little lift with some acrylic door knobs and a modern take on a traditional lamp. There’s so much space on the buffet top and lots of storage inside - four shelves to display so much.

See how we finished off the space in the next slide.

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