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If interested, contact @britbronson via IG or email ✨✨
If interested, contact @britbronson via IG or email [email protected] ✨✨


SPSG is going virtual! Looking forward to having a cyber space to chat with friends.

The benefit and purpose of the spaceMVMNT Peer Support Group is the comfort and comradery resulting from knowing that everyone here has some experience feeling some type of way. This is a non-judgmental, non-traditional atmosphere for people to be able to express their feelings and share their experiences with others who can relate. SPSG is a peer support group; we are not clinicians, doctors or professionals. We are people with lived experience. SPSG absolutely does not discriminate against race, color, sexual orientation, sex or gender, disability; including physical and mental conditions. We are all humans existing in a world where our stories and voices need to be heard. We all have something to say; spaceMVMNT is here for you to say it.

All we ask at SPSG is that what is said in group, stays in group. We protect our friends, our anonymity and our dignity. This is a non-negotiable for us.

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