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Ready for takeoff!✈️

Headed to Dallas for the weekend! My first trip on an airplane since before the pandemic - what a trip! Our flight got delayed by 2 hours due to having to wait for someone to be escorted off the plane by paramedics. Fortunately we had a great 3 hour flight and landed safely!

Thursday night we had dinner and drinks at a great restaurant. Learned that my new favorite drink in Texas is a “Ranch Water” which essentially is a tequila soda with lime, but I sounded silly ordering that when it had its own special name 😋

And Maorr finally reunited with one of his good friends from college! So so nice!🤍

Friday night!

Dinner before the Mavericks game.

Town Hearth
Town Hearth

Mavericks Playoff Game!🏀

This was the first Mavericks game with the stadium being open at full capacity. Was so crazy being in this type of environment for the first time in a while, but SO fun! The crowd was going CRAZY.

The real star of the show, who I fan-girled the most over…Mark Cuban!

Meet Maverick!🐶

Our hosts also had the most beautiful sweet pup named Maverick. Even my allergies could not keep me away from him!

Full view of the house
Full view of the house
Obsessed with these shower tiles!
Obsessed with these shower tiles!


We spent the day by the pool at Maorr’s friend, Collin, dads house. It was absolutely stunning as you can tell!

Headed home! After an amazing and awesome long weekend in Dallas, it was time to board our flight and head back home to LA. Thankfully no delays this time.

The best part was landing and bumping into my dad, stepmom, and sister at the airport after not seeing them for 2 weeks! We landed at the exact same time🤗

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