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What’s going on in Texas?

No, this is a VERY big problem. Last week, Texas residents were informed that the statewide mask mandate was going to be lifted (and it was lifted yesterday). Gov. Greg Abbot announced that he was opening up Texas 100%. Gov. Abbott said the reason for this is so “businesses and families in Texas have the freedom to to determine their own destiny.”

How this is going South

No pun intended

Health officials are continuing to emphasize the importance of wearing masks. But, in state where many citizens believe that masks are unnecessary, will they continue to wear them if it is not mandatory? No. Last Thursday (before the mandate was lifted), a girl posted a Tik Tok about how her pharmacist told her to take off her mask as she would not be assisted or served anywhere in Texas if she wore a mask.

The girl also mentioned how the pharmacist was not wearing a mask and the safety Plexiglas was taken down. After she explained how she was wearing one by choice to not only protect herself but also those around here and how the mandate was not lifted yet, he continued by forcefully removing her mask from her face.

Let’s make all dangerous things legal

This is the problem. People believe that if you are not comfortable living in a world without masks, then simply do not leave your house. Here is another scenario to think of this: Let’s make drunk driving legal, and if you are nervous about getting into an accident caused by a drunk driver, then simply stay home.

Tik Toker Victoria Hammett put it perfectly. Masks are to protect OTHERS.

Don’t be selfish

And wear. the damn. masks.

Now do you see how wrong this is? We wear masks not only to protect ourselves but also the lives of those surrounding us. Yes, the mandate may be lifted, but Texans, please wear your masks whenever you can. It’s like the seatbelt sign on an airplane, only take it off when needed.

Stay safe!

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