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The West Coast is on Fire

California, Washington state, and Oregon have been the hardest hit by the blazes which are believed to be fueled by heat waves and windy conditions.

Wildfires have spread across 3 million acres of California and the connection between the fires and the global warming crisis seems to be the most obvious direction to point the blame to.

Spreading like wildfire, literally.

  • 3.5 million acres lost

  • Winds up to 45 MPH

  • 500,000 people evacuated in Oregon

  • 6 out of 20 of California’s largest wildfires in history have happened in 2020

  • 17 people dead

  • 130 degrees Fahrenheit weather reported in California this month

Opportunities for Political Gain

There is a theory circulating that California among other Democratic States, are using the wildfires as a means to be able to declare a State of Emergency to get Federal funding.

It is a known fact that President Trump won’t give funds to California due to corruption and sanctuary cities so it is believed that the wildfires are being accelerated if not intentionally started as a way to get funding.

Forestry management should be our highest priority in fighting climate change. Fires undo all our progress.

Find out more here .

Ways to help:

  • Donate to Fire relief funds or through direct reliefs.

  • Open up your homes to wildlife victims.

  • Foster or adopt a pet.

  • Volunteer.

  • Become educated.

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