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A new Favorite Tradition

The Reason Why

I know, every girl gets a disposable camera and thinks they’re a photographer all of the sudden. Everyone jokes when I whip it out. But, at the end of the day they ask how it turned out and which shots I took. I’m not doing this for any photography type status. I’m doing this simply because I love memories, and can’t keep a journal if my life depended on it.

So, I am trying a new tradition, that so far I love. I’m going to create albums for each year solely filled with the images that have been captured on my disposable cameras. To me, they show the spontaneous moments in life that I didn’t want captured necessarily for Instagram or likes or anything like that. They show me the moments that I can smile at.

Here are a few that I captured that you haven’t seen in my other mags. Since I only started mid summer of 2019 there’s not that many. Already looking forward to my 2020 mag!

@TheBergerQueen Comes to LA

The Person Behind the Project

Lexi has been a friend of mine for my whole life. Literally, our moms were friends when they were pregnant. This past summer she cane to LA and she showed me her ways of capturing moments. All of the shots that were taken bring me back to the moments of that weekend. They showed me exactly why I want to do this!

How do you not capture someone’s first time eating in n out?? Yes, we went back for seconds a few hours later. Also, these were the cute ones. The ones I’ll definitely cherish are the ones taken while we were out. Those still make me laugh, #behumble Lexi.

@alexa Graduation

It was a beyond hot day and a long ceremony but we were all so proud!


Some of the best memories from that summer was going to Kauai with friends. Some other trips have already been documented so I’ll just let this one shine!


From going to my grandpas cottage to visiting my great nana in England. Love that I got to collect so many family memories.

These are also a great way for a child, like my little brother Leo, to get involved and feel creative. He helped take some of the shots and loved it!


Everyone knows from looking at my Yosemite mag that I’m a big fan. It’s one of the most magical places that I could go back to again and again. Jake and I went in September for our 8 year anniversary and had the most amazing time.

Always love my stay at Autocamp too. If anyone is planning on going, check it out!

The Holidays

A Night Celebrating Rachel and Andrew

My sister Rachel got engaged during the holiday season. For one unique night we all got together to celebrate, just family. It was so much fun!

It was so amazing for me to have everyone in the same room ♥️

Last Day of 2019

We went to Laguna to spend New Years. Jake has been going to Laguna forever and introduced it to me 8 years back. I’ve loved it ever since. Coming from East Coast Canada this place was the stereotypical beach town of my dreams. A magical spot to ring in 2020.

Ready for 2020 and happy I have some tangible memories of 2019. I hope you enjoyed seeing some snapshots of my life. I’m so blessed to have had such an adventurous past year and excited to see all the memories I’ll make this year! And yes, I’m fully content being the girl who breaks out her disposable camera.

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