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Magma View
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Every turn in this scenic part of California is breathtaking. We didn’t even make it to the entrance of the park before we had to stop and watch the mesmerizing rapids.
After convincing my father it wasn’t the best idea to climb on the rocks in the middle of the rapids we decided to continue with our drive. It did make for a great video/photo though! But please be safe... 

Bridalveil Falls

As if transported to some tropical island we arrived at bridalview falls. Leo, having been stuck in a car for hours, was like taking a dog off leash. We ran around and explored, climbed rocks, and splashed around through the water. Pro tip: wear waterproof shoes!
Bridalveil Fall, California 95389, USA

Yosemite Valley

The heart of Yosemite National Park is in the valley. The Yosemite falls are in Yosemite village. We were completely surrounded by mountains, trees, waterfalls, and my most favorite, deer! We stopped to have a picnic to truly sit and enjoy the view. 

Yosemite Village, CA 95389, USA
I would definitely recommend walking around to explore the area. I wish we had more time at each of the locations but getting out of the car and exploring is vital!

Tunnel View

A must do

As I’ve mentioned before, everything surrounding you in Yosemite is beautiful, but the tunnel view vista point was by far the most spectacular. We were on our way to go see Glacier point when we decided to pull over because we saw multiple cars. Wow how glad we were. For a few moments we just stood there awestruck. 

Wawona Rd, California 95389, USA

Glacier Point Vista

Nothing could compare to Tunnel view but this was a close second. Glacier point was the most impressive in size. Everything surrounding you was massive in scale. The drive is about an hour up the mountain from  tunnel view. There are more areas to sit, grab a snack, and hike. I would recommend stopping here for some extra time to enjoy all that is offered. 

Glacier Point Rd, Yosemite Valley, CA 95389, USA

I can’t compare visiting with any other season but springtime seemed perfect to me. Stopping for a snowball fight in a tank top definitely was a fun highlight. 
If you are there for a shorter time like we were it gets difficult being in the car for so many hours. Still find time to stop, explore, and laugh! Those memories were equally as beautiful to me ✨
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