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Getting There

Sketchy Plane Chronicles

For starters let me say I am not a scared flier by any means BUT this was a sketchy experience for me. I was already laughing before this picture because of the “airport” and the small plane but playing it cool. After this photo it started pouring and that’s when it all settled in.

The plane was rattling, the pilot had loose papers on his deck like a car, the windows were open and rain was leaking in. I was unwell but it also turned out to be such a funny experience!


The Shortest Runway in the world

St. Barts is known for many things but one of the islands most prolific traits is having the shortest runway in the world. Believe it or not but this part didn’t scare me much. Flying to the island was actually beautiful and landing was a very cool experience.

St. Barts by Day

Beautiful Beaches and Aperol Spritzes

St. Barts has many beach clubs and places that are easily deemed as “scenes”. When it comes to lounging during the day though I am always one for the most scenic setting. I fell in love with Shellona beach club. The restaurant was delicious and definitely offered some of the St. Barts party vibes but the beach was what caught my heart.

The sand was replaced with little shells and the water was warm, shallow and clear. The day was spent frolicking in the ocean, sun bathing, and drinking Aperol Spritzes. Needless to say I could’ve stayed on this beach forever!

The following are shots from Shellona.

St. Barthélemy

Out on the Water

Another activity you can do during the day is chartering a boat out. Although it was raining for most of the afternoon it was nice to get out on the water and explore the island.

The captain told us that the house on the hill pictured above actually used to belong to the Rockefeller’s. It’s a stunning mid-century modern bungalow. Although decrepit now you can see the extravagance that once existed on these shores. There’s a long walkway up to the home and a stone deck for boats to tie up too. The deck pictured above was also infamous for a Marilyn Monroe photo. Apparently she used to visit the house and attend the parties held there.

St. Barts by Night

For anyone that loves to party but also loves island vibes, this is the place for you. St. Barts is most known for this. I find it closely resembles Mykonos in that sense but it is much cleaner and more high end ($$$, be prepared). We went to the island during the off time so it wasn’t as party heavy as it normally is.

However, the night we went out to experience this side of the island we went to Bagatelles and had a blast. Bagatelles is probably the most notorious restaurant/club there. Pretty sure I was the only one dancing at our table but clearly I didn’t mind.

For the Foodies

A Substitute for Partying

If clubbing isn’t really your thing there are also just beautiful dining experiences on the island as well. These are some snapshots of those nights.

And yes we basically adopted a cat while being there. We dubbed her Le Cat and brought her leftovers after dinner.

Our Hotel

Le Toiny

Finally, we stayed at a beautiful boutique hotel called Le Toiny. I would highly recommend staying here but be warned it’s not in the main town. We rented a car but you can also get around by car services.

There is also surfing down by the beachfront. Jake went out one day but if you’re a surfer try and check it out to see when is best to visit!

St. Barthélemy

Au Revoir this beautiful French island. Á Bientôt!

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