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Belmond Cap Juluca

Our Anguilla Haven

The Cap Juluca is like an oasis. Unfortunately the island is pretty desolate. Hurricane Irma destroyed this beautiful island not long ago so there hasn’t been much time or funding to repair everything. It’s actually quite sad to see if you drive around. This unfortunate circumstance for the island has in turn made the residents extremely grateful for tourists, creating a beautiful energy during your stay.

The hotel spans across an ocean side bay. Nothing is above two stories. There are golf carts and bikes to get around the resort. The Cap Juluca is easily the nicest resort I have ever stayed in so I definitely recommend!

Maundays Bay, Anguilla 2640, Anguilla

The first picture and seen here in the satellite imagining shows the bay I describe. The little white houses are the hotel rooms ranging from single bedroom to entire villas.

Our Beautiful Room

We were blessed enough to be staying in one of the hotels villa suites. We were so comfortable with the stay and amenities that we truly made this space our home during our stay.

Wish I had videos or pictures from inside. Who’s moving in with me?

The Record Room

The Cherry on top

What set this hotel a part from the rest for me was the vibe. Nestled in the lobby was a record room where guests could go sample records and browse the book shelves.

Could’ve sat here all night.

Cover / 4